Department of Counseling


Student counselling services always enhances the academic, career, personal and social skills on every student.

The counselling service provides a supportive learning environment that encourages student’s personal life skills and fullest educational potential to make his/her responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.


  • Creating an environment that fosters student’s growth and development on academic, personal and social wellbeing through counselling, training and awareness programmes.
  • Providing comprehensive, developmental counselling that addresses self-motivation and career development of all students.


SRM Arts and Science College is happy to provide free counselling for all department students invariably. This Department possesses a professionally qualified Counsellor who is responsible for helping students strive to provide quality counseling services that are individualized to meet each student’s needs.


Counseling services are available for the students throughout the academic year. The following are some of the resources and services the Counseling Department provides to students:


The counsellor will meet all the students at their classrooms on a Semester basis. The approach varies by necessity and years they study. The counsellor helps the students in all ways, be it academic, social, environmental, behavioural or emotional. To make them realize and understand the importance of goals and influencing people around them. Especially to motivate them on setting realistic goals.  


Student Counsellor will make sure to provide an academic advising session for every individual whose academic performance are below average and to develop them on success strategies to meet their academic proficiencies, achieve and maintain good academic standing.


The Students Counsellor is sure to provide counselling for Personal and psychological problems interfere with innumerable aspects of a student's life, causing significant impairment and distress. Attending to these mental health concerns, and providing psychotherapy is a viable mechanism as they need support and guidance across cognitive, affective, and spiritual dimensions within a confidential and safe environment. The concerns could be Family issues, Relationship issues, Financial issues, Academic issues, Substance abuse or Emotional issues. 


Students Counsellor will assist students in clarifying their goals and developing an educational plan to reach those goals. The counsellor will guide you through a process which brings to light important information that they need in making informed decisions and understanding all of their options on the path to goal achievement. Counsellor is sure to assist the students when choosing a major or career with the kind support of Placement Officer of college and suggesting the students on self-assessment, career research, decision-making and goal-setting. Self-assessment includes a guided exploration of values, interests, personality traits and skills. Career updates enable students to gather knowledge about tasks, responsibilities, required education and training, salary, job outlook and more. The counsellor is sure to provide an ongoing connection to keep moving them forward.

The Department of Counseling is offering an array of workshops & events to the students on Soft Skills, Life Skills, Emotional Stability Development, Self Motivation sessions. 

The department of Counseling can provide guidance on assisting and supporting the Students Mentoring System of the college for Academic Program Plan to help and guide students through the mentors. This will to help students to navigate the obstacle of their academic performance that they need in order to be successful in all aspects. This Students Mentoring System is helping the Students Counsellor to identify the students with specific counselling needs with help of their mentors. 


Confidentiality is the key to Counselling as it:

  • Encourages students to approach the counsellor
  • Helps establish a rapport
  • Enables the students to build a trustworthy relationship
  • Encourages the students to speak freely about their feelings without fear of judgment

The contents of each Counselling session are confidential between the Counsellor and the student unless the student’s welfare or safety, or that of another, is considered to be at risk of significant harm. In this instance, the student will be intimated that the necessary information will be shared with after intimating the student the necessary information will be shared with the mentor of the student or with their parents who will speak with the student who will support them for further action.

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