About Us

Bioinformatics, the boom of the modern world is an interdisciplinary field of science, leading to the exploration of new frontiers in life sciences. The rapid development and its offshoots opens the scope for application in various fields like Genetics, Medicine, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Agriculture, Nanotechnology, Forensics etc.

Department of Bioinformatics  had been established in the year 2004 under the headship ofDr. (Mrs.) M.Vijaya, M.Sc., Ph.D. A PG course in Bioinformatics was started in the year 2002 and till August 2004, it was conducted by the Department of Biotechnology. From September 2004, it had become an independent entity and a full-fledged individual Department of Bioinformaticshaving a computer lab with internet facility and a wet lab for conducting biochemistry and molecular biology experiments.

The Department of Bioinformatics is affiliated to University of Madras and offers 2 years M.Sc. Program in Bioinformatics and is a Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) comprising of four semesters. The Computer lab is equipped with IBM and HCL systems and commercial and non-commercial Bioinformatics Software and Wet lab with sophisticated instruments to suit the needs of curriculum.

With the aim of improving and providing complete awareness to the young generation about this multidisciplinary science, the course is designed to focus on various domains of sciences, both in theoretical and practical aspects. Hands -on- training is being imparted to the students on various online and offline bioinformatics tools, biological databases and software and they are exposed to work with commercial software like BIOSUITE and AMBER.