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Department of Electronics and Communication Science of S.R.M. Arts and Science College, which is affiliated to the University of Madras, remains a chisel for the culture of guiding and molding students of the next generation.  It is a prestigious cabin that has been ceaselessly producing graduates with high potentiality and caliber.  The hallmark of the department is that it has produced more than 1000 dynamic aspirants so far who are adroitly pursuing successful ventures in different pole of the globe.

The faculty members possess unique dexterity in the respective space and also found with commitment and passion for education.  They create a new sphere for creativity and innovation so as to fulfill the unquenchable aspiration of the students through their powerful and inspirational teaching and guidance.  The students collectively feel that they are in a right place to excel in their subjects.  The students do want to have a paradigm shift in learning technologies and we are committed to their perception.  We have established a new platform where student-centered aspects are given more priorities.  Ultimately, the department of Electronics and Communication Science is an exemplary, for the center of commitment, cognizance and consistence.

Apart from the academics, the department concentrates on the students’ physical as well as mental behavior of the students and counsels them as and when needed. This helps the students to get rid of their mind pinching issues which lead to excel in their academics.

The department continuously encourages its students to participate in the inter departmental events in our college as well as inter collegiate competitions in other colleges. They are also encouraged to conduct inter collegiate event in the department. These activities help the students to develop their inter personal skills, leadership qualities, problem solving skills etc.. The department makes the three years college stay as the most memorable and pleasant days for the students.

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