Students Achievements

Achievements by Students

Our Department students are consistent packers of Gold Medals and ranking from the University of Madras, every year. Many of our students are also receiving scholarships and funds from various agencies for their academic excellence and project innovations.  Our students have also bought many laurels for the Department by receiving many attractive places in various cultural and technical events conducted by different colleges.


Skill Development Programmes and Awards

  • Regressive soft skill training by leading technical experts from the corporate.
  • Students are motivated to do Certification courses offered by CISCO, SUNJAVA etc.
  • “OPEN HOUR”is framed to improve the confidence of the students by intense training in analytical and logical reasoning.
  • Exhibit hour is framed for the student to exhibit their knowledge through some aptitude technical presentations, discussions, projects demo and so on, to improve their technical competency.
  • Students are also motivated to do projects with innovative ideas and the best is awarded with the title ‘BUDDING TECHIE OF THE YEAR’.

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