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First Semester   
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Digital Computer Fundamentals
Mathematics for Computer Science
Open Source Software
Practical-I Programming in c and C++ Lab
Practical-II Open Source Software Lab
Programming in C and C++


Second Semester   
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Data Structures
Practical-III Data structures using c++ Lab
Practical-IV Programming in Java Lab
Programming in Java
Statistical Methods
System Software


Third Semester   
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Accounting and Financial Management
Advanced Java Programming
Computer Graphics
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Operating Systems
Practical-V Advanced Java Programming Lab
Practical-VI Operating system and computer Graphics Lab


Fourth Semester   
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Computer Networks
Database Management System
Elective-I Digital Image Processing
Elective-I E-Commerce
Elective-I Information Security
Multimedia Systems
Practical-VII RDBMS Lab
Practical-VIII Multimedia systems Lab
Software Engineering


Fifth Semester   
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Elective-II Big Data Analytics
Elective-II Software Testing
Elective-II Theory of Computation
Elective-III Artificial Neural Networks
Elective-III Cloud Computing
Elective-III Mobile Computing
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Practical X Mini Project
Practical-IX Web Based Application Development Lab
Web Based Application Development


Sixth Semester   
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