About Us

Department of Biotechnology in SRMASC was set up in 2000. From then on, Department has produced numerous Biotechnologists whom are placed in reputed government institutions and industries across the globe. Core objective of the Department is to nurture student learners into enthusiastic scientific personality and help them to balance on the wheels of academic and research temperament for a prosperous career. By bearing in mind the vital role of Biotechnologists in near future over global food security, disease therapy and ecological conservation, Students are trained by inculcating the advanced knowledge along with required ethical thinking.

Biotechnology is an integration of several sciences that necessarily deals with producing substances, compounds essential for the wellbeing of human and other living organisms. This interdisciplinary science encompasses not only biology, but also other subjects like chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering. It is a research-oriented field with wide spectrum of industrial applications. Enzyme technology is an area of considerable interest and development with four distinct areas of application- Cosmetics, therapy, the food/feed industry and for diagnostic purposes. Biotechnology has a promising future and will be accredited for some revolutionary technology with profound impact in global economy.

Students can explore job options in the following fields:

  • Drug and Pharmaceutical research
  • Public funded Government laboratories
  • Chemical industries
  • Environment pollutioncontrol projects
  • Waste management
  • Energy Production
  • Food Processing
  • Bio processing Industries

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