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Assistant Professor

Experience & Activities

Date of Joining: 17-07-2009
Educational Qualification: M.B.A.
Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Field of Research: Human Resource Management


  • Ajitha A, (2021), Stressors and Coping Strategies during Covid-19: A Study on IT Employees of Chennai,Journal of Education: Rabindra Bharati University ISSN: 0972-7175 Vol.: XXIII, No. : 7(i), 2021 152 (UGC APPROVED)
  • Ajitha A & Dr.P.Ramya, Implementation & application of knowledge management published in studies in Indian Place Names with ISSN No 2394-3114, Vol.No40, Issue No 59, and March2020.
  • Ajitha A & Dr.P.Ramya, Antecedents and consequences of employee engagement: A Conceptual study, Review of Research (International Online Multidisciplinary Journal), Special Issue Vol.No2, November 2019 and Page No 207.
  • Ajitha A & Dr.P.Ramya, Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, ISSN No 2348-1269, and 2oth March 2019.