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The primary key to exert a healthy and safe educational atmosphere is to build the surrounding free from any kind of discrimination and bullying. With this as the first and foremost thought, the Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell of the College functions to eradicate any kind of sexual abuse. The Cell is well-designed with distinct objectives that are implemented to uphold zero tolerance towards sexual harassment. It addresses every complaint of the students, teaching and non-teaching staff members with utmost care and attention and the problem is resolved within the shortest time period possible. The Cell follows a systematic procedure in filing, investigating and resolving the issue and is impartial towards anyone to safeguard the integrity, privacy and rights of every person.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

The policy of this Cell is to provide protection against sexual harassment and for prevention and redressal of complaints of sexual harassment and matters connected therewith and incidental thereto. The Policy also endeavours to set expectations regarding workplace behaviour and provide with a framework for reporting concerns.


To fulfil the directive of the Supreme Court, as per UGC directives and the University ofMadras in respect of implementing policy against sexual harassment in the institution

  1. To frame a well-structured and possibly practical policy to maintain a healthy environment.
  2. To understand the root cause of the problem and prevent it from occurring henceforth.
  3. To enrich the knowledge of all staff and students about what constitutes sexual harassment.
  4. Organise awareness programmes and campaigns for the benefit of all members of the College on sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination.
  5. Ensure that all information pertaining either to complaints registered and the proceedings and findings of any inquiries and/or investigations are kept strictly confidential
  6. To avoid any disturbances caused by gender-based discriminations.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

 Sexual harassment includes behaviours that directly or indirectly lead to abuse of a person:

  • Unwelcome touching;
  • Staring or leering;
  • Suggestive comments or jokes;
  • Intrusive questions about a person’s private life or body;
  • Insults or taunts based on sex;
  • Sexually explicit physical contact; and
  • Sexually explicit emails or SMS text messages or any kind of communication.

Activities of Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell

  • To work out details for the implementation of the policy and to prepare a detailed plan of action, both short and long term.
  • To immediately attend to the grievances of the students and staff members.
  • To investigate the case impartially and take action when necessary
  • To periodically modify the policies to suit the present flow of the Cell.
  • To create awareness about sexual harassment in professional environment.
  • To encourage students to rise complaints without any hesitation in times of crisis.
  • To display the functioning of the Cell and to be easily approachable.

Till now no cases of sexual harassment have been received.

Convenor : Dr. P. Satheesh Babu, HOD Dept. of Commerce


  1. Mrs. S. Sahaya Sugirtha Cindrella, Asst. Prof., Dept. of CAT
  2. Dr. K. Priya, Asst. Prof., Dept. of CAT
  3. Dr. A. Seethai, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Elec. & Commn, Sci.
  4. Mrs. D. Mahalakshmi, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mathematics
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