• The students of the College are to conduct themselves on and off the College precincts in such a way as to maintain the reputation of the College as well as their own.
  • The students ought to greet and respect the teaching Staff in the Campus.
  • The student should be wearing the ID card during the College working hours. Anybody found without it will be reprimanded.
  • A student should not leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the teacher has left the room or asked the class to disperse.
  • Students should cultivate the habit of utilizing the Library and reading notices put on the various notice boards in the College and ignorance of any notice will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.
  • Scribbling on the furniture and walls, pasting posters, spitting, throwing of waste paper & rubbish and possessing illegal drug in any form in the precincts of the College are prohibited.
  • Silence should be maintained, while moving from one class to another. Loitering, social gathering and talking loudly in the verandahs, corridors, staircases and other passages or anywhere within the College campus must be avoided.
  • Bicycles, two wheelers, cars etc., must be parked only in the stands meant for the purpose.
  • Any lost property found in the Campus must be surrendered at the Principal Office from where the owner can reclaim it after establishing his/her ownership.
  • No student is allowed to enter the College office during class hours.
  • Students are forbidden to organize or to attend any meeting in the College or collect money for any purpose without prior permission of the Principal.
  • Under the Tamil Nadu Government Educational rules, the Principal is empowered to impose fine, withhold attendance certificate and suspend or expel any student if considered necessary do so.
  • Boys should wear decent dress. Casual wear like round neck T-shirts, Torn jeans, Elastic bottom pant is not permitted.
  • Girls should wear decent dresses like sarees and churidars with thuppattas.
  • No Student shall be a member of any political party nor shall take part in active politics.
  • Students participating in any intercollegiate meets should behave decently to keep up the dignity and decorum of the College.

Student contravening these rules is liable to be suspended or summarily dismissed from the College.

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