The seed of the Department of Hindi was sown with the inception of the College in Academic Year 1993 – 94. Hindi has been offered as a foundation Course to the Students at the UG level. The Department gives much importance in developing the Academic and Communicative skills of students in Hindi Language by creating interest among the students in the language and literature. 


 To produce the Student community that is Excellent in Academics, Proficient in Hindi language and to prepare them for high profile careers at National level.


  • To adopt innovative methods and modern scientific tools to teach the students the National language
  • To provide the students requisite atmosphere to develop the Communicative Skills in Hindi
  • To implant interest among the students in the study of Hindi language and literature
  • To develop the Linguistic ability of the students to communicate effectively and pronounce words correctly in the language
  • To teach the students the value of self – reliance and to impart the cultural value of India.



  • Dr. A. Selvaganapathy, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mathematics


  • Mr. V. Rangarajan, Placement Officer
  • Dr. K. Ranjith Kumar, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mathematics
  • Mrs. N. Jerlin Sushmitha, Asst. Prof., Dept. of English

Students Representatives:

Name of the StudentCourse
Mr. M. Mohammed ArshathIII ISM
Mr. I. Anush SharmaIII B.Sc Vis. Com.
Ms. R. RagaviII B.Sc Biotechnology
Ms. R, JeniferIII B.A English
Mr. M.S, VishweshIII BCA
Mr. S. LishanikIII B.Sc CS With AI
Mr. B. HarshavarthanIII B.Sc Microbiology
Mr. B. SriramIII B.Sc Elec. & Commn. Science
Ms. M. DharaniIII BBA
Mr. A. Sri NaveenIII B.Sc Computer Science
Ms. E. Janani Sri Varshini III B.Sc Psychology
Mr. S. Harish KumarIII Accounting Finance
Mr. K. RahulIII B.Sc Biochemistry
Mr. Mavadi VijayanII
Mr. S. Surya PrakashII MBA








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