The department of French seeks to develop the proficiency level of the students who study French as an international language to global professional standards at the Undergraduate level. As a modern language, French is taught to break the cultural barrier and also to lead the world as a Francophone.


To enable the students to acquire proficiency in French, stimulate their imagination and critical thinking in the language through teaching and to develop the department as a centre of Academic Excellence and high-quality research.


The Mission of the Department of French is:

  • To facilitate the students to learn the structure and grammar of French Language.
  • To provide adequate learning atmosphere for the students to be competent in the language.
  • To inculcate novel teaching and learning methodologies to promote Student-centred and Outcome based learning.
  •  To provide opportunities to the learners to read and analyse the literary works of French.
  •  To help the students to acquire right attitudes and skills to enhance their cross–cultural communications.


  • To develop in the students a sensibility for the French Language and Literature.
  • To help students remove the hurdles in the way of learning French.
  • To promote learning of French as a foreign language with accents and good pronunciation.
  • To make the department and the classroom a hub of Academic activity
  •  To explore and reach out to academicians, institutions and academics bodies for research and academic activities.
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