Biotechnology is a science-driven industrial sector that utilizes living organisms and molecular biology to produce healthcare-related products & therapeutics, environmentally or economically oriented products or to run processes.

Department of Biotechnology in SRMASC was set up in 2000. From then on, Department has produced numerous Biotechnologists who are placed in reputed government institutions and industries across the globe.


  • The Department of Biotechnology aims to be a Centre of excellence in the field of Biotechnology.
  • Core objective is to prepare the students for this competitive field of science, the curriculum and syllabi is crafted to impart current advancement and understanding about biotechnology along with basic knowledge about research and thus, provide about a substantial foundation of biotechnology in our students.
  • To educate, train and develop cutting edge bio-specialists capable of discovery, design and delivery of solutions to improve the quality of human life and environment.
  • To nurture young minds to foray towards innovations in biotechnology and provide solutions for health, agriculture and environmental technologies.
  • The Department aims to create opportunities for multi-disciplinary education, training and research in biotechnology.
  • To mold individuals who will be a catalyst in nation building and to advance biotechnology research, education and industry for the benefit of the society.


  • Develop the department as a resource center for biotechnology information and education by providing quality education and updated technical skills.
  • To instill a spirit of innovation and creativity in young minds with sound research aptitude.
  • Provide students and staffs an environment to inculcate and nurture their scientific temperament so that young minds involve in problem solving and take strides in technological development.
  • Generate a learning ground with impetus to interdisciplinary education and collaboration in various fields of life sciences.
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