The Department of Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence was commenced in 2022 with an objective of providing eminence education for the students to gain the latest knowledge about applied computing and the design of computer-based systems. This programme makes the students skilful and giving their best in both individual and community developments. AI topics include Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems, Heuristic Optimization, Intelligent Agents, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.


In order to achieve the highest standards of quality education while developing society as a whole, it is important to use the most modern tools, promote a culture of collaboration, and spread customer-oriented innovations to relevant disciplines of academia and industry.


  • To create professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence.
  • To provide high-quality, value-based education and to encourage the development of expert systems in computing.
  • Imparting rigorous instruction to produce knowledge using cutting-edge artificial intelligence concepts and technologies.
  • To create effective AI focused computer science graduates who are committed to lifelong learning as well as their personal and professional responsibilities.
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