Department of Electronics and Communication Science was established in the year 1995.  It is the sincere aim of the department to equip the students with skills, knowledge, and values that will help them turn into successful and upright personalities. The department has always been on a high growth path to keep pace with the ever increasing importance of the major disciplines of study and current technology trends. The department is well equipped with modern laboratory facilities and good infrastructure. The programme emphasizes the basics of Electronics, Computers, Networking, Instrumentation and Communication.


The Department of Electronics and Communication Science strives to produce meritorious students and self disciplined professionals with good employability skills through excellence in content delivery, experimentations and hard work for the economic, socio and environmental benefits of the society.


  • Impart strong domain knowledge to its students by providing the state of the art facilities.
  • Organize training programmes and technical activities to promote practical domain excellence of the students and faculty.
  • Inculcate self discipline in students by making them self responsible with strong ethical values to serve the society.
  • Facilitate the students to apply the technical skills acquired towards the economic, socio and environmental betterment of the society.
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