The Department of Psychology was established in the year 2023 with the focus on equipping students with fundamental knowledge of the subject. We offer a vibrant and collegial atmosphere to investigate questions about mind and behaviour.

A variety of student-centred teaching and learning pedagogies are practised by the faculty members. These include seminars, experiential methodologies, laboratory training, workshops, field-based studies, film-based discussions and interactions with field experts. The Department also conducts outreach programs that provide field exposure while studying.

The subject of Psychology is interesting, investigative and valuable. Psychology is a tremendously diverse field with many specializations available for the students. Psychology embodies not only a body of knowledge but is also a way of looking at and understanding the world around us.

The Department of Psychology at SRM Arts and Science College provides a graduation course in Psychology to meet into the ever-increasing demand for psychologists in counselling, clinical, industrial, and academic settings respectively.


The Department of Psychology aims to enable the students to gain knowledge and creates a conducive academic environment for promoting new areas of research and novel teaching method.


  • • The mission of the department is to promote high academic standards in psychology, by creating an optimal and enriching learning environment.
  • • To provide students with necessary resources and skills to meet emerging global trends and challenges.
  • • Provide students and staffs an environment to inculcate and nurture their skills as a psychologist showing empathy, congruence and compassion.
  • • To make the students understand their capabilities and invent themselves.
  • • To make professionals in the field of Mental Health with expertise and skills.
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