Vehicle Entry/Parking Rules

  1.  Only the vehicle having a valid Vehicle pass will be allowed inside the campus.
  2. Student should submit the request form to issue of the Vehicle Pass with the required attachments like copy of Driving License, RC, Insurance, PUCC, Identity Card etc.
  3. Documents related to vehicle should be shown to the college authorities whenever demanded for verification purposes.
  4. Vehicle Pass should be pasted on the vehicle at a location which is visible prominently for inspection at any time.
  5. If the vehicle is not in the name of the applicant, a letter stating the relationship of the owner with the applicant should be submitted while applying for the vehicle pass. Only vehicles in the name of the Parents will be permitted.
  6. The vehicle pass is non-transferable. In case the pass is lost or damaged, intimation should be given to the College Office immediately.  New pass shall be issued subject to payment of a fee of Rs.500/- for-issue.
  7. Two wheelers will be allowed inside the campus only if the Rider(including the Pavilion Passenger if any) wears a helmet while using the vehicle. Student must obey all traffic rules, within the campus.
  8. The speed limit inside the campus should not exceed 20 kmph.
  9. Driving dangerously, performing stunts, carrying more than the capacity of the vehicle, playing music, triple riding (two-wheeler) etc are prohibited inside the campus.
  10. Display of religious/political affiliations by fixing flags, posters etc are prohibited inside the campus.
  11. Once the vehicle is parked in the parking area allotted, he/she should not move the vehicle during the class hours or roam around inside the campus.
  12. Student should not create noise pollution inside the campus by modified exhaust system and (or) by accelerating their vehicles creating problem to other people at any point of time.
  13. If a student is having multiple vehicles, the vehicle with a valid pass only will be allowed inside the campus.
  14. The registered vehicle pass owner should not handover his/her vehicle to his/her friends. If it is found during vehicle inspection, the vehicle pass will be withdrawn and discipline action will also be taken against him/her.
  15. Student should park the vehicle in the prescribed parking area only. Haphazard parking of vehicles should be avoided.
  16. Random checking of vehicles will be done by the authorities.
  17. All motor vehicle rules in force as per different Motor Vehicle Acts which are enforced by the road transport authorities/Police shall be applicable inside the campus.
  18. College will not be responsible for any damage/loss of the vehicle parked inside the campus.
  19. Hostel inmates/faculty members and Staff residing inside the campus having vehicle should also get a vehicle pass for parking their vehicle inside the campus.
  20. The vehicle pass will be removed from the vehicle while getting the no-dues certificate.
  21. If any student/Staff is found violating any of the above rules, following disciplinary action will be taken against them. For students, parents will also be informed. For the offence committed by the Student/Staff, fine as mentioned below will be collected:
  22. First offence : Fine of Rs. 300
  23. Second offence : Fine of Rs. 1000
  24. Third offence : A fine of Rs. 3000 and the person involved in the offence will be permanently debarred from keeping a vehicle on the campus and the vehicle pass will be withdrawn permanently.
  25. All are strongly advised to use shuttle service/bicycles for commuting inside the campus to promote the green initiatives of the college. They shall also disseminate the idea of making use of public transport outside the campus wherever possible, reduce pollution and sustain a Green Planet.
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