The Department of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) was established in the Academic Year 2020 – 2021 .The Department offers Undergraduate Degree i.e., B.Com (A & F) for a period of three years with the intake of 70 students every year. The Department is specialized in Financial Planning and Performance and Control, Financial Analytics and Control, Financial Reporting, Working Capital Management, Portfolio Management and Capital Markets, Security and Portfolio Management. The Course aims at training the students to gain practical knowledge in the fields of Accounting & Finance and related fields. It also contributes and works on the all-round development of the students. The Department helps and molds the students to face and tackle the challenges in their career and also paves way to take up Master Degree Programmes in the field of Commerce, Accounting, Finance and Management. Through this Course, students can excel in the Technical Skills associated with many of the procedures of Finance Analysis and Accounting Standards. The Graduates of B.Com Accounting and Finance are usually hired in the areas like Educational Institutions, Banks, Stock Exchanges, Excise Department, Auditing Offices etc. They can find numerous types of jobs and can become Business Analyst, Money Manager, Risk Analyst, Senior Accountant, Market Analyst, Financial Analyst, Cashier/Teller, Operations Manager, Auditors, Executive Assistant, Investment Banker, etc.

To be recognized as a leader in providing quality professional Commerce, Accounting and Finance education and known as one of the best Centre at National and International  level in the field of accounting and finance.


  • To create a student-centered learning environment that promotes academic excellence, professional and personal growth.
  • To provide required research atmosphere that helps the students to be a self learner and to involve in research.
  • To imbue a spirit of collegiality, ethical and professional conduct to disseminate humanity and ethics in the society.
  • To prepare the students become an efficient professional in the field of Commerce, Accounting and Finance.
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