• B.Com (Accounting and Finance) involves the concepts and deals with money, business and      management with an emphasis on professional careers in these areas.
  • B.Com (Accounting and Finance) degrees provide the knowledge of accountancy practices, commerce, industry and finance.
  • The Graduate always has wide range of career scope and path in field of commerce, finance and accounting.
  • B.Com (Accounting and Finance) graduates are highly sought globally whose demand has been growing up.
  • B.Com (A & F) Degree provides a good base for Higher Degree Programmes in respective Subjects e.g., Masters Degree, Professional Courses, etc.
  • B.Com (A & F) Graduates can also go for government jobs such as Accountant who can work at Local / State Level / Central Level as administer and to formulate budgets.
  • Teaching is also one of the best career options for them. They can work as Professor or become a Researcher in Universities or Colleges after the successful completion of master degree. 
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