About Cell

Industry Institute Partnership Cell was established to foster the relationship between the industry and institute. This cells aims to identify the trends and expectations and prepare students for adhering to the most recent requirements by facilitating internships in prestigious companies and by organizing seminars and workshops. The exposure about the current industry practices given by the faculty members will be most beneficial to our students if they can combine real-world experience with more traditional theoretical teaching methods.

The Objectives of the Cell is to:

  • Reduce the gap between industry expectations and academic limitations
  • Develop close connections between Industry and Institution through interactions
  • Bring Industry Experts for conducting workshops and seminars.
  • Disseminate industry advances through interactions and discussions
  • Provide opportunity for the Students to have better placement options in the high profile industries.

 Role and Activities of the Cell are to:

  • Arrange Industrial visits
  • Arrange guest lectures and workshop
  • Strengthen the Industrial training for the students and the faculty members
  • Arrange training programs to hone the soft and core skills of the students


  • Mr. S. Sivakumar, Assistant Professor, Department of CAT


  • Dr. K. Ravikumar, Asst. Professor, Department of MBA
  • Dr. V. Chitra, Asst. Prof of Chemistry
  • Dr. N. Prabha, Asst. Prof. of Microbiology¬†
Vendhar Hall
11:00 AM-02:00 PM

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Vendhar hall
11:00 AM-03:00 PM

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