Date: 06.07.2023 FN

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Register NumberBlockFoor No.Room No.Seat No.
532101261Main BlockFirst Floor1021
532101262Main BlockFirst Floor1022
532101263Main BlockFirst Floor1023
532101264Main BlockFirst Floor1024
532101265Main BlockFirst Floor1025
532101266Main BlockFirst Floor1026
532101267Main BlockFirst Floor1027
532101268Main BlockFirst Floor1028
532101269Main BlockFirst Floor1029
532101270Main BlockFirst Floor10210
532101271Main BlockFirst Floor10211
532101272Main BlockFirst Floor10212
532101273Main BlockFirst Floor10213
532101274Main BlockFirst Floor10214
532101275Main BlockFirst Floor10215
532101276Main BlockFirst Floor10216
532101277Main BlockFirst Floor10217
532101278Main BlockFirst Floor10218
532101279Main BlockFirst Floor10219
532101280Main BlockFirst Floor10220
532101281Main BlockFirst Floor10221
532101282Main BlockFirst Floor10222
532101283Main BlockFirst Floor10223
532101284Main BlockFirst Floor10224
532101285Main BlockFirst Floor10225
532101286Main BlockFirst Floor10226
532101287Main BlockFirst Floor10227
532101288Main BlockFirst Floor10228
532101289Main BlockFirst Floor10229
532101290Main BlockFirst Floor10230
Main BlockFirst Floor10231
Main BlockFirst Floor10232
Main BlockFirst Floor10233
Main BlockFirst Floor10234
Main BlockFirst Floor10235
Main BlockFirst Floor10236
Main BlockFirst Floor10237
Main BlockFirst Floor10238
Main BlockFirst Floor10239
Main BlockFirst Floor10240
532101291Main BlockFirst Floor1031
532101292Main BlockFirst Floor1032
532101293Main BlockFirst Floor1033
532101294Main BlockFirst Floor1034
532101295Main BlockFirst Floor1035
532101296Main BlockFirst Floor1036
532101297Main BlockFirst Floor1037
532101298Main BlockFirst Floor1038
532101299Main BlockFirst Floor1039
532101300Main BlockFirst Floor10310
532101301Main BlockFirst Floor10311
532101302Main BlockFirst Floor10312
532101303Main BlockFirst Floor10313
532101304Main BlockFirst Floor10314
532101305Main BlockFirst Floor10315
532101306Main BlockFirst Floor10316
Main BlockFirst Floor10317
Main BlockFirst Floor10318
Main BlockFirst Floor10319
Main BlockFirst Floor10320
Main BlockFirst Floor10321
Main BlockFirst Floor10322
Main BlockFirst Floor10323
Main BlockFirst Floor10324
Main BlockFirst Floor10325
Main BlockFirst Floor10326
Main BlockFirst Floor10327
Main BlockFirst Floor10328
Main BlockFirst Floor10329
Main BlockFirst Floor10330
Main BlockFirst Floor10331
Main BlockFirst Floor10332
Main BlockFirst Floor10333
Main BlockFirst Floor10334
Main BlockFirst Floor10335
Main BlockFirst Floor10336
Main BlockFirst Floor10337
Main BlockFirst Floor10338
Main BlockFirst Floor10339
Main BlockFirst Floor10340
Main BlockFirst Floor1041
Main BlockFirst Floor1042
Main BlockFirst Floor1043
Main BlockFirst Floor1044
Main BlockFirst Floor1045
Main BlockFirst Floor1046
Main BlockFirst Floor1047
Main BlockFirst Floor1048
Main BlockFirst Floor1049
Main BlockFirst Floor10410
Main BlockFirst Floor10411
Main BlockFirst Floor10412
Main BlockFirst Floor10413
Main BlockFirst Floor10414
Main BlockFirst Floor10415
Main BlockFirst Floor10416
Main BlockFirst Floor10417
Main BlockFirst Floor10418
Main BlockFirst Floor10419
Main BlockFirst Floor10420
Main BlockFirst Floor10421
Main BlockFirst Floor10422
Main BlockFirst Floor10423
Main BlockFirst Floor10424
Main BlockFirst Floor10425
Main BlockFirst Floor10426
Main BlockFirst Floor10427
Main BlockFirst Floor10428
Main BlockFirst Floor10429
Main BlockFirst Floor10430
Main BlockFirst Floor10431
Main BlockFirst Floor10432
Main BlockFirst Floor10433
Main BlockFirst Floor10434
Main BlockFirst Floor10435
Main BlockFirst Floor10436
Main BlockFirst Floor10437
Main BlockFirst Floor10438
Main BlockFirst Floor10439
Main BlockFirst Floor10440
Main BlockFirst Floor1051
Main BlockFirst Floor1052
Main BlockFirst Floor1053
Main BlockFirst Floor1054
Main BlockFirst Floor1055
Main BlockFirst Floor1056
Main BlockFirst Floor1057
Main BlockFirst Floor1058
Main BlockFirst Floor1059
Main BlockFirst Floor10510
Main BlockFirst Floor10511
Main BlockFirst Floor10512
Main BlockFirst Floor10513
Main BlockFirst Floor10514
Main BlockFirst Floor10515
Main BlockFirst Floor10516
Main BlockFirst Floor10517
Main BlockFirst Floor10518
Main BlockFirst Floor10519
Main BlockFirst Floor10520
Main BlockFirst Floor10521
Main BlockFirst Floor10522
Main BlockFirst Floor10523
Main BlockFirst Floor10524
Main BlockFirst Floor10525
Main BlockFirst Floor10526
Main BlockFirst Floor10527
Main BlockFirst Floor10528
Main BlockFirst Floor10529
Main BlockFirst Floor10530
Main BlockFirst Floor10531
Main BlockFirst Floor10532
Main BlockFirst Floor10533
Main BlockFirst Floor10534
Main BlockFirst Floor10535
Main BlockFirst Floor10536
Main BlockFirst Floor10537
Main BlockFirst Floor10538
Main BlockFirst Floor10539
Main BlockFirst Floor10540
Main BlockFirst Floor1061
Main BlockFirst Floor1062
Main BlockFirst Floor1063
Main BlockFirst Floor1064
Main BlockFirst Floor1065
Main BlockFirst Floor1066
Main BlockFirst Floor1067
Main BlockFirst Floor1068
Main BlockFirst Floor1069
Main BlockFirst Floor10610
Main BlockFirst Floor10611
Main BlockFirst Floor10612
Main BlockFirst Floor10613
Main BlockFirst Floor10614
Main BlockFirst Floor10615
Main BlockFirst Floor10616
Main BlockFirst Floor10617
Main BlockFirst Floor10618
Main BlockFirst Floor10619
Main BlockFirst Floor10620
Main BlockFirst Floor10621
Main BlockFirst Floor10622
Main BlockFirst Floor10623
Main BlockFirst Floor10624
Main BlockFirst Floor10625
Main BlockFirst Floor10626
Main BlockFirst Floor10627
Main BlockFirst Floor10628
Main BlockFirst Floor10629
Main BlockFirst Floor10630
Main BlockFirst Floor10631
Main BlockFirst Floor10632
Main BlockFirst Floor10633
Main BlockFirst Floor10634
Main BlockFirst Floor10635
Main BlockFirst Floor10636
Main BlockFirst Floor10637
Main BlockFirst Floor10638
Main BlockFirst Floor10639
Main BlockFirst Floor10640
Main BlockFirst Floor1071
Main BlockFirst Floor1072
Main BlockFirst Floor1073
Main BlockFirst Floor1074
Main BlockFirst Floor1075
Main BlockFirst Floor1076
Main BlockFirst Floor1077
Main BlockFirst Floor1078
Main BlockFirst Floor1079
Main BlockFirst Floor10710
Main BlockFirst Floor10711
Main BlockFirst Floor10712
Main BlockFirst Floor10713
Main BlockFirst Floor10714
Main BlockFirst Floor10715
Main BlockFirst Floor10716
Main BlockFirst Floor10717
Main BlockFirst Floor10718
Main BlockFirst Floor10719
Main BlockFirst Floor10720
Main BlockFirst Floor10721
Main BlockFirst Floor10722
Main BlockFirst Floor10723
Main BlockFirst Floor10724
Main BlockFirst Floor10725
Main BlockFirst Floor10726
Main BlockFirst Floor10727
Main BlockFirst Floor10728
Main BlockFirst Floor10729
Main BlockFirst Floor10730
Main BlockFirst Floor10731
Main BlockFirst Floor10732
Main BlockFirst Floor10733
Main BlockFirst Floor10734
Main BlockFirst Floor10735
Main BlockFirst Floor10736
Main BlockFirst Floor10737
Main BlockFirst Floor10738
Main BlockFirst Floor10739
Main BlockFirst Floor10740
Main BlockThird Floor3031
Main BlockThird Floor3032
Main BlockThird Floor3033
Main BlockThird Floor3034
Main BlockThird Floor3035
Main BlockThird Floor3036
Main BlockThird Floor3037
Main BlockThird Floor3038
Main BlockThird Floor3039
Main BlockThird Floor30310
Main BlockThird Floor30311
Main BlockThird Floor30312
Main BlockThird Floor30313
Main BlockThird Floor30314
Main BlockThird Floor30315
Main BlockThird Floor30316
Main BlockThird Floor30317
Main BlockThird Floor30318
Main BlockThird Floor30319
Main BlockThird Floor30320
Main BlockThird Floor30321
Main BlockThird Floor30322
Main BlockThird Floor30323
Main BlockThird Floor30324
Main BlockThird Floor30325
Main BlockThird Floor30326
Main BlockThird Floor30327
Main BlockThird Floor30328
Main BlockThird Floor30329
Main BlockThird Floor30330
Main BlockThird Floor30331
Main BlockThird Floor30332
Main BlockThird Floor30333
Main BlockThird Floor30334
Main BlockThird Floor30335
Main BlockThird Floor30336
Main BlockThird Floor30337
Main BlockThird Floor30338
Main BlockThird Floor30339
Main BlockThird Floor30340
Main BlockThird Floor3041
Main BlockThird Floor3042
Main BlockThird Floor3043
Main BlockThird Floor3044
Main BlockThird Floor3045
Main BlockThird Floor3046
Main BlockThird Floor3047
Main BlockThird Floor3048
Main BlockThird Floor3049
Main BlockThird Floor30410
Main BlockThird Floor30411
Main BlockThird Floor30412
Main BlockThird Floor30413
Main BlockThird Floor30414
Main BlockThird Floor30415
Main BlockThird Floor30416
Main BlockThird Floor30417
Main BlockThird Floor30418
Main BlockThird Floor30419
Main BlockThird Floor30420
Main BlockThird Floor30421
Main BlockThird Floor30422
Main BlockThird Floor30423
Main BlockThird Floor30424
Main BlockThird Floor30425
Main BlockThird Floor30426
Main BlockThird Floor30427
Main BlockThird Floor30428
Main BlockThird Floor30429
Main BlockThird Floor30430
Main BlockThird Floor30431
Main BlockThird Floor30432
Main BlockThird Floor30433
Main BlockThird Floor30434
Main BlockThird Floor30435
Main BlockThird Floor30436
Main BlockThird Floor30437
Main BlockThird Floor30438
Main BlockThird Floor30439
Main BlockThird Floor30440
Main BlockThird Floor3051
Main BlockThird Floor3052
Main BlockThird Floor3053
Main BlockThird Floor3054
Main BlockThird Floor3055
Main BlockThird Floor3056
Main BlockThird Floor3057
Main BlockThird Floor3058
Main BlockThird Floor3059
Main BlockThird Floor30510
Main BlockThird Floor30511
Main BlockThird Floor30512
Main BlockThird Floor30513
Main BlockThird Floor30514
Main BlockThird Floor30515
Main BlockThird Floor30516
Main BlockThird Floor30517
Main BlockThird Floor30518
Main BlockThird Floor30519
Main BlockThird Floor30520
Main BlockThird Floor30521
Main BlockThird Floor30522
Main BlockThird Floor30523
Main BlockThird Floor30524
Main BlockThird Floor30525
Main BlockThird Floor30526
Main BlockThird Floor30527
Main BlockThird Floor30528
Main BlockThird Floor30529
Main BlockThird Floor30530
Main BlockThird Floor30531
Main BlockThird Floor30532
Main BlockThird Floor30533
Main BlockThird Floor30534
Main BlockThird Floor30535
Main BlockThird Floor30536
Main BlockThird Floor30537
Main BlockThird Floor30538
Main BlockThird Floor30539
Main BlockThird Floor30540
Main BlockThird Floor3061
Main BlockThird Floor3062
Main BlockThird Floor3063
Main BlockThird Floor3064
Main BlockThird Floor3065
Main BlockThird Floor3066
Main BlockThird Floor3067
Main BlockThird Floor3068
Main BlockThird Floor3069
Main BlockThird Floor30610
Main BlockThird Floor30611
Main BlockThird Floor30612
Main BlockThird Floor30613
Main BlockThird Floor30614
Main BlockThird Floor30615
Main BlockThird Floor30616
Main BlockThird Floor30617
Main BlockThird Floor30618
Main BlockThird Floor30619
Main BlockThird Floor30620
Main BlockThird Floor30621
Main BlockThird Floor30622
Main BlockThird Floor30623
Main BlockThird Floor30624
Main BlockThird Floor30625
Main BlockThird Floor30626
Main BlockThird Floor30627
Main BlockThird Floor30628
Main BlockThird Floor30629
Main BlockThird Floor30630
Main BlockThird Floor30631
Main BlockThird Floor30632
Main BlockThird Floor30633
Main BlockThird Floor30634
Main BlockThird Floor30635
Main BlockThird Floor30636
Main BlockThird Floor30637
Main BlockThird Floor30638
Main BlockThird Floor30639
Main BlockThird Floor30640
Main BlockFourth Floor4011
Main BlockFourth Floor4012
Main BlockFourth Floor4013
Main BlockFourth Floor4014
Main BlockFourth Floor4015
Main BlockFourth Floor4016
Main BlockFourth Floor4017
Main BlockFourth Floor4018
Main BlockFourth Floor4019
Main BlockFourth Floor40110
Main BlockFourth Floor40111
Main BlockFourth Floor40112
Main BlockFourth Floor40113
Main BlockFourth Floor40114
Main BlockFourth Floor40115
Main BlockFourth Floor40116
Main BlockFourth Floor40117
Main BlockFourth Floor40118
Main BlockFourth Floor40119
Main BlockFourth Floor40120
Main BlockFourth Floor40121
Main BlockFourth Floor40122
Main BlockFourth Floor40123
Main BlockFourth Floor40124
Main BlockFourth Floor40125
Main BlockFourth Floor40126
Main BlockFourth Floor40127
Main BlockFourth Floor40128
Main BlockFourth Floor40129
Main BlockFourth Floor40130
Main BlockFourth Floor40131
Main BlockFourth Floor40132
Main BlockFourth Floor40133
Main BlockFourth Floor40134
Main BlockFourth Floor40135
Main BlockFourth Floor40136
Main BlockFourth Floor40137
Main BlockFourth Floor40138
Main BlockFourth Floor40139
Main BlockFourth Floor40140
Main BlockFourth Floor4021
Main BlockFourth Floor4022
Main BlockFourth Floor4023
Main BlockFourth Floor4024
Main BlockFourth Floor4025
Main BlockFourth Floor4026
Main BlockFourth Floor4027
Main BlockFourth Floor4028
Main BlockFourth Floor4029
Main BlockFourth Floor40210
Main BlockFourth Floor40211
Main BlockFourth Floor40212
Main BlockFourth Floor40213
Main BlockFourth Floor40214
Main BlockFourth Floor40215
Main BlockFourth Floor40216
Main BlockFourth Floor40217
Main BlockFourth Floor40218
Main BlockFourth Floor40219
Main BlockFourth Floor40220
Main BlockFourth Floor40221
Main BlockFourth Floor40222
Main BlockFourth Floor40223
Main BlockFourth Floor40224
Main BlockFourth Floor40225
Main BlockFourth Floor40226
Main BlockFourth Floor40227
Main BlockFourth Floor40228
Main BlockFourth Floor40229
Main BlockFourth Floor40230
Main BlockFourth Floor40231
Main BlockFourth Floor40232
Main BlockFourth Floor40233
Main BlockFourth Floor40234
Main BlockFourth Floor40235
Main BlockFourth Floor40236
Main BlockFourth Floor40237
Main BlockFourth Floor40238
Main BlockFourth Floor40239
Main BlockFourth Floor40240
Main BlockFourth Floor4031
Main BlockFourth Floor4032
Main BlockFourth Floor4033
Main BlockFourth Floor4034
Main BlockFourth Floor4035
Main BlockFourth Floor4036
Main BlockFourth Floor4037
Main BlockFourth Floor4038
Main BlockFourth Floor4039
Main BlockFourth Floor40310
Main BlockFourth Floor40311
Main BlockFourth Floor40312
Main BlockFourth Floor40313
Main BlockFourth Floor40314
Main BlockFourth Floor40315
Main BlockFourth Floor40316
Main BlockFourth Floor40317
Main BlockFourth Floor40318
Main BlockFourth Floor40319
Main BlockFourth Floor40320
Main BlockFourth Floor40321
Main BlockFourth Floor40322
Main BlockFourth Floor40323
Main BlockFourth Floor40324
Main BlockFourth Floor40325
Main BlockFourth Floor40326
Main BlockFourth Floor40327
Main BlockFourth Floor40328
Main BlockFourth Floor40329
Main BlockFourth Floor40330
Main BlockFourth Floor40331
Main BlockFourth Floor40332
Main BlockFourth Floor40333
Main BlockFourth Floor40334
Main BlockFourth Floor40335
Main BlockFourth Floor40336
Main BlockFourth Floor40337
Main BlockFourth Floor40338
Main BlockFourth Floor40339
Main BlockFourth Floor40340
Main BlockFourth Floor4041
Main BlockFourth Floor4042
Main BlockFourth Floor4043
Main BlockFourth Floor4044
Main BlockFourth Floor4045
Main BlockFourth Floor4046
Main BlockFourth Floor4047
Main BlockFourth Floor4048
Main BlockFourth Floor4049
Main BlockFourth Floor40410
Main BlockFourth Floor40411
Main BlockFourth Floor40412
Main BlockFourth Floor40413
Main BlockFourth Floor40414
Main BlockFourth Floor40415
Main BlockFourth Floor40416
Main BlockFourth Floor40417
Main BlockFourth Floor40418
Main BlockFourth Floor40419
Main BlockFourth Floor40420
Main BlockFourth Floor40421
Main BlockFourth Floor40422
Main BlockFourth Floor40423
Main BlockFourth Floor40424
Main BlockFourth Floor40425
Main BlockFourth Floor40426
Main BlockFourth Floor40427
Main BlockFourth Floor40428
Main BlockFourth Floor40429
Main BlockFourth Floor40430
Main BlockFourth Floor40431
Main BlockFourth Floor40432
Main BlockFourth Floor40433
Main BlockFourth Floor40434
Main BlockFourth Floor40435
Main BlockFourth Floor40436
Main BlockFourth Floor40437
Main BlockFourth Floor40438
Main BlockFourth Floor40439
Main BlockFourth Floor40440
Main BlockFourth Floor4051
Main BlockFourth Floor4052
Main BlockFourth Floor4053
Main BlockFourth Floor4054
Main BlockFourth Floor4055
Main BlockFourth Floor4056
Main BlockFourth Floor4057
Main BlockFourth Floor4058
Main BlockFourth Floor4059
Main BlockFourth Floor40510
Main BlockFourth Floor40511
Main BlockFourth Floor40512
Main BlockFourth Floor40513
Main BlockFourth Floor40514
Main BlockFourth Floor40515
Main BlockFourth Floor40516
Main BlockFourth Floor40517
Main BlockFourth Floor40518
Main BlockFourth Floor40519
Main BlockFourth Floor40520
Main BlockFourth Floor40521
Main BlockFourth Floor40522
Main BlockFourth Floor40523
Main BlockFourth Floor40524
Main BlockFourth Floor40525
Main BlockFourth Floor40526
Main BlockFourth Floor40527
Main BlockFourth Floor40528
Main BlockFourth Floor40529
Main BlockFourth Floor40530
Main BlockFourth Floor40531
Main BlockFourth Floor40532
Main BlockFourth Floor40533
Main BlockFourth Floor40534
Main BlockFourth Floor40535
Main BlockFourth Floor40536
Main BlockFourth Floor40537
Main BlockFourth Floor40538
Main BlockFourth Floor40539
Main BlockFourth Floor40540
Main BlockFourth Floor4061
Main BlockFourth Floor4062
Main BlockFourth Floor4063
Main BlockFourth Floor4064
Main BlockFourth Floor4065
Main BlockFourth Floor4066
Main BlockFourth Floor4067
Main BlockFourth Floor4068
Main BlockFourth Floor4069
Main BlockFourth Floor40610
Main BlockFourth Floor40611
Main BlockFourth Floor40612
Main BlockFourth Floor40613
Main BlockFourth Floor40614
Main BlockFourth Floor40615
Main BlockFourth Floor40616
Main BlockFourth Floor40617
Main BlockFourth Floor40618
Main BlockFourth Floor40619
Main BlockFourth Floor40620
Main BlockFourth Floor40621
Main BlockFourth Floor40622
Main BlockFourth Floor40623
Main BlockFourth Floor40624
Main BlockFourth Floor40625
Main BlockFourth Floor40626
Main BlockFourth Floor40627
Main BlockFourth Floor40628
Main BlockFourth Floor40629
Main BlockFourth Floor40630
Main BlockFourth Floor40631
Main BlockFourth Floor40632
Main BlockFourth Floor40633
Main BlockFourth Floor40634
Main BlockFourth Floor40635
Main BlockFourth Floor40636
Main BlockFourth Floor40637
Main BlockFourth Floor40638
Main BlockFourth Floor40639
Main BlockFourth Floor40640
Main BlockFourth Floor4071
Main BlockFourth Floor4072
Main BlockFourth Floor4073
Main BlockFourth Floor4074
Main BlockFourth Floor4075
Main BlockFourth Floor4076
Main BlockFourth Floor4077
Main BlockFourth Floor4078
Main BlockFourth Floor4079
Main BlockFourth Floor40710
Main BlockFourth Floor40711
Main BlockFourth Floor40712
Main BlockFourth Floor40713
Main BlockFourth Floor40714
Main BlockFourth Floor40715
Main BlockFourth Floor40716
Main BlockFourth Floor40717
Main BlockFourth Floor40718
Main BlockFourth Floor40719
Main BlockFourth Floor40720
Main BlockFourth Floor40721
Main BlockFourth Floor40722
Main BlockFourth Floor40723
Main BlockFourth Floor40724
Main BlockFourth Floor40725
Main BlockFourth Floor40726
Main BlockFourth Floor40727
Main BlockFourth Floor40728
Main BlockFourth Floor40729
Main BlockFourth Floor40730
Main BlockFourth Floor40731
Main BlockFourth Floor40732
Main BlockFourth Floor40733
Main BlockFourth Floor40734
Main BlockFourth Floor40735
Main BlockFourth Floor40736
Main BlockFourth Floor40737
Main BlockFourth Floor40738
Main BlockFourth Floor40739
Main BlockFourth Floor40740
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G71
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G72
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G73
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G74
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G75
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G76
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G77
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G78
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G79
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G710
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G711
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G712
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G713
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G714
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G715
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G716
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G717
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G718
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G719
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G720
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G721
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G722
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G723
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G724
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G725
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G726
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G727
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G728
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G729
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G730
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G731
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G732
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G81
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G82
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G83
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G84
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G85
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G86
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G87
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G88
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G89
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G810
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G811
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G812
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G813
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G814
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G815
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G816
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G817
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G818
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G819
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G820
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G821
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G822
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G823
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G824
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G825
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G826
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G827
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G828
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G829
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G830
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G831
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G832
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G91
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G92
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G93
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G94
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G95
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G96
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G97
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G98
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G99
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G910
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G911
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G912
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G913
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G914
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G915
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G916
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G917
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G918
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G919
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G920
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G921
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G922
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G923
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G924
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G925
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G926
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G927
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G928
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G929
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G930
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G931
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G932
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G61
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G62
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G63
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G64
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G65
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G66
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G67
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G68
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G69
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G610
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G611
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G612
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G613
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G614
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G615
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G616
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G617
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G618
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G619
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G620
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G621
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G622
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G623
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G624
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G625
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G626
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G627
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G628
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G629
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G630
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G631
MBA BlockGround FloorMBA G632

(As per University Guidelines)


The students are instructed to be on time for the examination. They will not be allowed to enter the hall after 30 minutes of the commencement of the examination under any circumstances.

  1. The student must be present in the exam hall by 10.00 A.M for the FN Session and by 2.00 P.M for the AN Session.{Late comers will not be entertained for the examination}
  2. The students should wear their ID cards before entering the hall {In case of loss of ID, obtain the duplicate ID card issued by the office before the exam.
  3. The Students must strictly follow the Dress Code (As given in the College Calendar; Students are instructed not to wear casual dresses and Slippers and come to the exam hall)
  4. The students should enter the hall only after the verification of the ID cardby the hall supervisor.
  5. The students are instructed to keep their MOBILE PHONES, Smart Watch and other electronic devices (except calculator) outside the hall.
  6. Check the Answer Booklet for any damages.
  7. Fill the first sheet of the Answer Booklet with the guidance of the hall supervisor.
  8. Ensure the first sheet of the Answer Booklet is filled without any mistakes.
  9. No Whitener or any other form of alteration should be done on the First Sheet.
  10. No Additional Sheets will be provided under any circumstances.
  11. Write the Answer Booklet Serial Numberand sign in both attendance sheets.
  12. Check your question paper and subject code as soon as you receive it.
  13. Borrowing of Stationeries is strictly bannedinside the exam hall.
  14. Malpractices including Possession of Bits, Smart Watch, Mobile Phones, writing on stationeries, calculators, hall tickets, clothing, etc… will be viewed seriously.
  15. Before handing over the paper, check whether all the details in the first sheet of the answer booklet have been filled including the page numbers and the initial of the hall supervisor.
  16. General Discipline has to be followed during examinations strictly.
  17. Use Only Blue or Black Pens.

            Mobile Phones ceased from the student during examination will not be returned under any


For any clarification contact the Chief Superintendent Room
{Main Block, First Floor}
All the Best

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