Date: 31.05.2023 FN

Enter Register Number e.g. 221908079. Search will be executed only by Register column with a strict match

Register NumberBlockFoor No.Room No.Seat No.
312010551Main BlockFirst Floor1021
312010552Main BlockFirst Floor1022
312010557Main BlockFirst Floor1023
312010565Main BlockFirst Floor1024
312010567Main BlockFirst Floor1025
312010569Main BlockFirst Floor1026
312010571Main BlockFirst Floor1027
312010589Main BlockFirst Floor1028
312010591Main BlockFirst Floor1029
312010593Main BlockFirst Floor10210
312010594Main BlockFirst Floor10211
312010597Main BlockFirst Floor10212
312010605Main BlockFirst Floor10213
312010641Main BlockFirst Floor10214
312010652Main BlockFirst Floor10215
612201003Main BlockFirst Floor10216
612201004Main BlockFirst Floor10217
612201005Main BlockFirst Floor10218
612201006Main BlockFirst Floor10219
612201007Main BlockFirst Floor10220
612201008Main BlockFirst Floor10221
612201009Main BlockFirst Floor10222
432000270Main BlockFirst Floor10223
432000272Main BlockFirst Floor10224
432000294Main BlockFirst Floor10225
432000295Main BlockFirst Floor10226
432000313Main BlockFirst Floor10227
432000315Main BlockFirst Floor10228
832100404Main BlockFirst Floor10229
832100408Main BlockFirst Floor10230
832100418Main BlockFirst Floor10231
Main BlockFirst Floor10232
Main BlockFirst Floor10233
Main BlockFirst Floor10234
Main BlockFirst Floor10235
Main BlockFirst Floor10236
Main BlockFirst Floor10237
Main BlockFirst Floor10238
Main BlockFirst Floor10239
Main BlockFirst Floor10240
612200987Main BlockFirst Floor1031
612200988Main BlockFirst Floor1032
612200989Main BlockFirst Floor1033
612200990Main BlockFirst Floor1034
612200991Main BlockFirst Floor1035
612200993Main BlockFirst Floor1036
612200994Main BlockFirst Floor1037
612200995Main BlockFirst Floor1038
612200996Main BlockFirst Floor1039
612200997Main BlockFirst Floor10310
612200998Main BlockFirst Floor10311
612200999Main BlockFirst Floor10312
612201000Main BlockFirst Floor10313
612201001Main BlockFirst Floor10314
612201002Main BlockFirst Floor10315
312010653Main BlockFirst Floor10316
312010663Main BlockFirst Floor10317
312010665Main BlockFirst Floor10318
312010668Main BlockFirst Floor10319
312010679Main BlockFirst Floor10320
312010682Main BlockFirst Floor10321
312010687Main BlockFirst Floor10322
312010694Main BlockFirst Floor10323
312010717Main BlockFirst Floor10324
312010719Main BlockFirst Floor10325
312010721Main BlockFirst Floor10326
312010736Main BlockFirst Floor10327
222106472Main BlockFirst Floor10328
222106481Main BlockFirst Floor10329
222106484Main BlockFirst Floor10330
222106487Main BlockFirst Floor10331
222106489Main BlockFirst Floor10332
222106492Main BlockFirst Floor10333

(As per University Guidelines)


The students are instructed to be on time for the examination. They will not be allowed to enter the hall after 30 minutes of the commencement of the examination under any circumstances.

  1. The student must be present in the exam hall by 10.00 A.M for the FN Session and by 2.00 P.M for the AN Session.{Late comers will not be entertained for the examination}
  2. The students should wear their ID cards before entering the hall {In case of loss of ID, obtain the duplicate ID card issued by the office before the exam.
  3. The Students must strictly follow the Dress Code (As given in the College Calendar; Students are instructed not to wear casual dresses and Slippers and come to the exam hall)
  4. The students should enter the hall only after the verification of the ID cardby the hall supervisor.
  5. The students are instructed to keep their MOBILE PHONES, Smart Watch and other electronic devices (except calculator) outside the hall.
  6. Check the Answer Booklet for any damages.
  7. Fill the first sheet of the Answer Booklet with the guidance of the hall supervisor.
  8. Ensure the first sheet of the Answer Booklet is filled without any mistakes.
  9. No Whitener or any other form of alteration should be done on the First Sheet.
  10. No Additional Sheets will be provided under any circumstances.
  11. Write the Answer Booklet Serial Numberand sign in both attendance sheets.
  12. Check your question paper and subject code as soon as you receive it.
  13. Borrowing of Stationeries is strictly bannedinside the exam hall.
  14. Malpractices including Possession of Bits, Smart Watch, Mobile Phones, writing on stationeries, calculators, hall tickets, clothing, etc… will be viewed seriously.
  15. Before handing over the paper, check whether all the details in the first sheet of the answer booklet have been filled including the page numbers and the initial of the hall supervisor.
  16. General Discipline has to be followed during examinations strictly.
  17. Use Only Blue or Black Pens.

            Mobile Phones ceased from the student during examination will not be returned under any


For any clarification contact the Chief Superintendent Room
{Main Block, First Floor}
All the Best

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