Student Mentoring Cell

About Cell

Student mentoring and counselling is widely recognised as an important aspect of the teaching-learning process, particularly in higher education. The central idea is that students who come from rural, agricultural, and educationally challenging who want to pursue higher education require parental-like guidance, advice, and counselling, not only in curricular matters, but also explore their skills through co-curricular and extracurricular activities in their new environment for their holistic development.

The Mentoring Committee at SRM Arts and Science College functions with the Heads of Departments and faculty as mentor along with class tutor to address both the general and specific challenges that students face. The mentor’s records of the college are regularly examined and discussed at its meeting to offer better solutions to the students. The suggestions and solutions of the meeting are sent to the Principal for assessment and action.


  • To address student’s indifferent attitudes, habits, and understanding about their learning and academic progress.
  • To keep track of the student’s attendance and discipline.
  • To provide parents with information about their ward’s performance and attendance.
  •  To counsel and help the student’s to solve their problems, gain confidence, and take measures for accomplishing their goals.
  • To assist students to realize their potential to perform better in studies.
  • To provide job and employment-related information to suit to their nature and passion.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentor

  • Allot time to prioritize mentoring session with the mentees at regular period of time when required.
  • Pay attention to the mentees based on the issues and challenges they encounter.
  • Initiate the session with the mentees to share their mistakes, failures, experiences and challenges they endure.
  • Help the mentees to solve their problems and to provide suggestions if required.
  • Focus on the mentees program and development.
  • Submit the report of the session to the Head of the Department.


  • Dr. A. Jayasudha, Associate Prof., Dept. of MCA


  • Dr. A. Selvaganapathy, Asst Prof., Dept. of Maths
  • Mrs. D. Sudhadevi, Asst Prof., Dept. of ECS
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