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The Student Counselling Cell of the College aims at helping the students reach their highest academic and personal potential providing support and guidance to help students navigate the various challenges they may face during their academic journey. The Counselling Cell offers free counselling to the students on individual and group basis and whenever is required. The service of the counsellor, to offer comfort, psychological counsel and confidence to the students, is available.

Role and Responsibilities of the Counselling Cell:

The Counselling Cell works to transfer the challenges into opportunities for the optimal individual performance of the students in academic. The role and the responsibilities of the cell are,

  1. To monitor the students’ discipline
  2. To improve the rapport between the teacher and the students
  3. To assist the students to solve their personal, educational and Psychological problems
  4. To cultivate and develop positive attitude and behaviour in order to meet challenges
  5. To help the students to recognize their strength and overcome their weaknesses
  6. To counsel the students to progress better in their academic

Student Counsellor:

Ms. Deepthi S. Sarma – View Profile

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