In the Visual Communication department at SRM Arts and Science College, we provide a curriculum focused on guiding students to understand the foundational principles of Media. From introductory level courses to advanced courses, students acquire a framework of ideas and techniques which prepare them to think creatively and forge their own paths in the Media field. In addition to teaching them traditional course subjects, we offer students several combined major options that allow students to focus more on learning the Industry.

The department strives to offer truly integrated courses where there is no clear distinction between the classroom and the laboratory. Laboratory experiences will illustrate experimental methods while they introduce you to important phenomena. They will challenge you to hone your experimental skills while encouraging you to appreciate the subtle interaction between theory and experiment. Our facilities are well-equipped,state-of -the art and accessible and provide a range of future technologies.


The Department will be nurturing, safe and professional environment that supports the educational success and social, emotional, and physical development of all students.

Courses will be academic, engaging, and standards-based, with a focus on the learner. The Department is attentive to the educational, cultural and physical needs of students.-disciplined, productive citizens who think critically, make informed decisions and act ethically.


  • We recognize that career development is a life process, the mission of career and professional development is to educate and support the students as they explore the world and understand themselves, gain valuable experience and develop as a better media professional.
  • We strongly believe that each career makes the world better. Passions leads to be more valuable and impactful professional
  • We are Catalyst and action oriented and makes everyone as an entrepreneur and truly a world class citizen.
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