Facilities in Lab

In the world of Electronics “Practical makes perfect”.Being a practical oriented subject, it’s very important to have a specialized lab to nurture the students, to get in depth knowledge of the subject. The vast job needs in Electronics industry are available in the field of manufacturing PCB boards, trouble shooting etc.., which in turn urges the practical training to the students more than their theoretical studies. Keeping in mind all the above, we the ECS department @ SRM ASC, have two specialized labs that caters the students in Electronics & Physics respectively.

Electronics Lab

The ECS department has a well – built Electronics lab, a state of art of its kind.

As per the UNOM guidelines we have the following sections in the Electronics Lab

  • Digital Lab
  • Electronics Communications Lab
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab
  • Microprocessor & Controller Lab
  • Electronics Circuit Lab

The Lab has all the modern equipments which are bought from renowned companies, which produce error free results of high accuracy and precision.

Some of the modern equipments include:

  • Microcontroller 8051 trainer kits.
  • Microprocessor 8085 trainer kits
  • Digital & Op Amp trainer kits
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino Board
  • Cathode ray Oscilloscopes
  • IC tester
  • Function Generators
  • Spectrum Analysersupto 1 GHz

Care is taken to ensure that all the students of the departments are well trained to get depth knowledge in Electronics circuits construction & design.

 Physics Lab

Physics is a systematic study of the natural world, a discipline that measures reality through application of observation with logic and reason. In order to make use of such a discipline, the students need certain foundational practical training. This helps the students to get jobs in organizations like ISRO, IGCAR, BSNL etc., where concepts of Physics are predominant. The Dept. of ECS has state of art lab for Physics, which consist all sophisticated equipments which over nurture the students.

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