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Date of Joining: 07-08-2006
Educational Qualification: M.com., MPhil., MBA., B.Ed., PGDCA., D.ISM., P.hD.
Teaching Experience:

  • SRMASC   :           16 Years
  • Overall      :           21 Years

Field of Research: Entrepreneurship Development


  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi  – MSME in Hospitality Sector – A Study on  Problems & Prospects – SRM Management Digest –ISSN-0973-6905, April-11-2011.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi   – Impact of Training & Development practice on the quality of Technical support services- An empirical study-SRM Journal of Management Research-ISSN 2231-511X-July to September -2011.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi   – Entrepreneurial Barriers and Success factor of women in utility service Businesses -International Journal of Management -ISSN 0976-6502 Print -ISSN 0976-6510 (Online)- March to April 2013-Vol.4, Issue No. 2.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – Role of Demographic & Business  firm related variable on women entrepreneurship success: Empirical Evidence from utility services sector- DBJC Journal of Business Research -ISSN 2248-9711-July to Sep 2013- Vol-1,Issue No:2.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi  – Factors influencing Entrepreneurial Success of Women in Utility Service Business : Empirical evidence among the Selected Women Entrepreneurs, in Chennai city – Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management, ISSN 2169– 026X, September to October 2013, Vol.2, Issue 2, Impact factor 2.481
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – Entrepreneurial Barriers and Success Factors and Women in Utility Service Businesses in India  Empirical Evidence from Chennai, International of applied Engineering Research,  VOL 9, Pg No:0973-4562, 2014
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – Role of Demographic & Business firm Related variable on Women Entrepreneurship Success. Empirical evidence from Utility Services Sector- Indian Journal of commerce & Management studies- ISSN 2229-5674, Impact factor GIF:0405, Jan 2014, Vol.V, Issue-1(-1).
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – A survey on customer satisfaction of two wheeler holders with special reference in Honda Active Users In Kanchipuram District, DBJC, Volume 2248-9711 December 2017.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – An Empirical study on Quality Work Life Exports Company Employees Chennai KPCJMR Volume 224, 2249-6459., Page No:5797-5805, March 2018.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – A Study on Perception of Investors Investing in Shares in Chennai city International Journal of Research in Engineering and Social Science, Volume 8, 2250-0588, October 2018.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – A Study on Conflict Management and its impact among Employees in its IT sector with special reference in DLF, Chennai- Studies in Indian Place Names, Volume 16-MAR-2020, ISSN No: 2394-3114.
  • Dr.R. Malarvizhi- A study on Employee Morale with Special reference to Rane Pvt Ltd, Chennai –Alochana Chakra-ISSN NO-2231-3990-May 2020.
  • Dr.R. Malarvizhi- A study on Impact of Online Education in Teaching Faculties with Special Reference to Chennai city- Wesleyan Journal of Research- ISSN No-0975-1386-March 2021.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi –A study on “Women’s Buying Behaviour towards Textile Industries with special reference to Chengalpattu District”- International E-
    Conference on Scientific Research  in Multidisciplinary Approach.  (ICSRMA), ISBN:978-81-956681-0-6, 13th & 14th  July 2022.
  • Dr. R.Malarvizhi – A study of Customer perception towards  online shopping with special reference to Tambaram -Journal of statistics & Management systems (JSMS) -ISSN 0972-0510 (Print), ISSN 2169-0014 (Online), July 2022.

Overall Publications/Books                             :           15