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Assistant Professor

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Date of Joining: 04-07-2007
Educational Qualification: M.Sc., M.PhiL., Ph.D., NET (CSIR)
Teaching Experience:

  • SRMASC : 15 Years
  • Overall : 19 Years

Field of Research: Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, Phytochemistry & Herbal Medicine


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  • U.S. Mahadeva Rao, B. Arirudran and S. Subramanian, Ameliorative Role of Threshold Level of Bilirubin in New-born Jaundice and Efficacy of Noni Fruit Extract on Phenyl Hydrazine Induced Jaundice Rat. Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics. 3(4):196-201, July – August, 2011
  • Hemalatha, B. Arirudran, A. Thenmozhi and U.S. Mahadeva Rao, Antimicrobial Effect of Separate Extract of Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Methanol and Aqueous from Leaf of Milkweed (Calotropis gigantea L.). Asian J. Pharm. Res.1(4): Page 102-107, Oct. – Dec. 2011.
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  • B.Arirudran, A. Thenmozhi and P.Priyadharshini, Evaluation of preliminary Phytochemicals and antioxidant efficacy of Crocus sativus L. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development: Volume-5/Issue-12, February, 2014.
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  • B Arirudran, AV Raja, Kumar, K Anbarasu and E Shalini, Antimicrobial activity of borassus flabellifer L. Root, HSOA Journal of Biotech Research & Biochemistry, J Biotech Res Biochem, 5: 013, 2022.

Books / Chapters :

  • Essential of Biophysics: ISBN: 978-81-909213-7-4 (For Life Science students) in 2009.
  • Text book of Endocrinology: ISBN: 978-81-909213-9-8 (For Medical students) in 2009.
  • Overview of Vitamins and Coenzymes: ISBN: 978-81-909213-8-1 (For Life Science students) in 2009.

Overall Publications/Books: 21/03