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Assistant Professor

Experience & Activities

Date of Joining: 23-07-2019
Educational Qualification: M.Sc.,  M.Phil., Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:

  • SRMASC : 3 years
  • Overall    : 3 years

Field of Research:

Molecular Biology, Nano biotechnology, Medical microbiology, Genetic Engineering



    • Ilakkia Sivaji and Deepika Jothinathan. Comparative study of Ethanol production from Baker’s yeast and Toddy yeast, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol. 13/Issue 72/June 2022.


  • S. ILAKKIA, International conference on Applications Biotechnology and Nanotechnology ICBN 2019 organized by the school of Life Sciences, B. S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Vandalur, Chennai.
  • S. ILAKKIA, International conference on Recent trends in Microbiology-ICRTMB 2022 organized by Department of Microbiology in Association with Microbiome on 22nd April 2022, Apollo Arts and Science College, Chennai.

Books / Chapters:

  • A Complete Guide for Experimental Procedures in Life Sciences ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES –UNDERSTAND THEM FOR YOUR FUTURE RESEARCH (2021): 479-506 Today & Tomorrow’s Printers and Publishers, New Delhi – 110 002.

Overall Publications / Books: 7/1