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Assistant Professor

Experience & Activities

Date of Joining: 07-07-2008
Educational Qualification: M.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D
Teaching Experience: 13 Years
Field of Research: Image Processing


  • Dr Priya K and Dr D Pugazhenthi, “A Quantitative Approach for Textural Image Segmentation with Median Filter”, International Journal of Advancements in Research and Technology, Vol.2, No.4, pp. 179-183, 2013.
  • Dr Priya K and Dr D Pugazhenthi,  “Salt and Pepper Noise Removal Algorithm by Novel Morpho Filter”, International Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol.14, No.9, pp. 950-954, 2014.
  • Dr Priya K, P Chandramouli, S Vignesh, “A Survey Of Information Privacy And Data Breaches“, International Conference on Innovative Trends in Business & Technologies in the New Decade, Thiruthangal Nadar College, ISSN 2348-4708, pp. 318-321, February 2020.
  • Dr Priya K and Dr D Pugazhenthi “Noval Image Restoration Approach For Colour Images Corrupted With Impulsive Noise”- 2nd  International Conference  in ICCTET 2014, Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology, ISBN 978-1-4799-7987-5, pp. 448-452, July 2014.