• Start Date 27/05/2020
  • End Date 27/05/2020

About Event

Our Department has organized the National Level E-Poster competition (A lockdown initiative programme) on date 27.05.2020. Participants were instructed submitted their E-Poster under any one of the following topics.

  1. Food & Nutrients on Boosting the Immunity against COVID-19.
  2. Innovative Ideas for the Treatment of COVID-19.
  3. Importance of Hygiene in the Prevention of COVID-19.
  4. Impact of Sterilization on COVID-19.
  5. Preventive actions on COVID-19 even after Lockdown.
  6. Importance of Quarantine & Social distancing.

Participants were instructed to prepare the E-Poster under the following rules.

  1. Competition is open to the students, faculty and also interested candidates.
  2. E-Poster should be A3 / A4 in Size.
  3. E-Poster file size should be up to 5MB.
  4. Only one E-Poster is allowed from each participant.
  5. E-Poster should be in PDF or JPG image, and other types of the format will not be entertained. 6. E-Poster should be an original work of the participant. More than 90 participants were actively involved and expressed their involvement. Our department faculty Mrs. M. Hemalatha, Dr.R.Aruna has been allotted as co-ordinate for Compiling the E-poster. We had received fantastic and exceptional E-Posters from various participants relevant to the above mention topic. Score sheet for the E-Poster had been carried out and filled. Certificates were sent taken into account their performance like first, second, third, achiever and also participation certificate were provided through their E-Mail ID. National Level E-Poster competition is an innovative and motivational programme for the participant. It brings awareness about the hygiene, sterilization, preventive methods and importance of quarantine along with social distancing against COVID-19 among the participants.
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