• Start Date 16/03/2023
  • Start Time 10:00 AM
  • End Date 17/03/2023
  • End Time 02:00 PM
  • Location Vendhar Hall

About Event

The English Literary Club of the Department of English conducted a Quiz on grammar to all the students on 16.03.2023 and 17.03.2023. The preliminary test was conducted on the first day with 9 teams with two participants per team. The four teams who scored the highest marks were asked to gather at the Vendhar Hall by 11.00 a.m  on 17.03.2023. Mr.R.SivaSankar, Head of the Department welcomed the students and gave them the instructions. Ms. Nandhini.J, Assistant Professor, Department of English conducted the Quiz.
The audience also participated with enthusiasm by answering one question from each round and was encouraged by receiving prizes. By the end of 10 rounds team B,C and D scored the same marks. After the tie-breaking round, team B scored 90 marks and won the first place. Team C and D scored 80 marks holding the second and the third place respectively. Students from other departments were present as the audience and all the faculty of the English Department were also present during the program.

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