Date: 23.05.2024 ( Available at 9.20 am(FN) & 1.30 pm(AN))

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Individual Duty List 

Employee CodeName of the Staff with DepartmentRoom NoBlock
63050042Mrs. PRIYANANDHINI V (CS)102Main Block (I)
63060005Dr. SEETHAI A (ECS)103Main Block (I)
63050017Mrs. SAHAYA SUGIRTHA CINDRELLA S (CAT)104Main Block (I)
63050020Mrs. VASUGHI T S (CAT)105Main Block (I)
63010006Dr. ARUNA R (BC)106Main Block (I)
63110005Dr. RAMACHANDRAN N V (BA)107Main Block (I)
63020004Mrs. SONIA PALARAMB (BT)102 (AN)Main Block (I)
63060006Mr. MAHESH A (ECS)103 (AN)Main Block (I)
63010010Dr. YUVARAJ M (BC)104 (AN)Main Block (I)
63050029Dr. BHUVANESWARI D (CS)105 (AN)Main Block (I)

Invigilation List Phase I & II (29.04.2024 to 31.05.2024)

Roles and Responsibilities of the Invigilator
Reporting Time: FN: 9.30 A.M                                      A.N: 1.30 P.M


  • Verify the candidate’s hall ticket and ID Card.
  • Passed out student hall ticket must bear the signature of the Chief Superintendent and Facsimile of Principal.
  • Send Candidate to meet the Chief Superintendent if the candidate is not having the ID Card & Rope / Hall Ticket / Number Missing / Dress Code.
  • If the candidate is having a duplicate ID, check whether the Chief Superintendent Seal and Signature is there.
  • The Duplicate Hall ticket/Permission Slip is valid only for that particular session and date.
  • Instruct the candidates’ to keep the mobile phone (Switched Off condition) and bags outside the hall.
  • Ensure that the candidate is seated in the correct place (Verify in the Seating Arrangement).
  • Candidate coming after 10 AM / 2 PM are to be directed to the Principal. After the checking Principal’s Signature (for the particular date) they may be permitted.


  • Distribute Answer Booklets.
  • Check for Damaged Answer Booklets.
  • Ask the candidates to read the instructions given in the answer booklet before filling up the first page.
  • Ensure that the candidate is filling all the columns in the first page (it is mandatory) and then sign (The invigilator will be held responsible for the first sheet of the candidate).
  • The register number of the candidate should be filled completely without any gap in between.
  • Distribute the Question Paper by calling out the Subject Code.
  • Ensure that the candidates are signing both the attendance sheets according to their name and register number. (Absentees should be clearly marked as “AAA” using RED ink).
  • The absentees are to be marked online. Hence, the invigilators are asked to be very careful in marking the attendance. Before marking AAA, call out the number in the room and then mark AAA.
  • If carryover of the numbers is there, then pass it to the next room through the attender of the floor.
  • Attendance should be handed over to the exam cell by 10.45 A.M and 2.45 P.M. respectively in the Forenoon and Afternoon session [This has to be followed strictly].


    • Check whether the candidate has filled all the columns in the first page (Register Number is written completely).
    • The candidate must write the total number of pages in the column provided.
    • Check whether the first page bears both the signature of invigilator and the student.
    • Ensure all Answer Booklets have been collected.
    • Hand over the Answer Booklets to the Chief Superintendent.
    • Sign the Duty Register.

Avoid using the mobile phone during invigilation.
Put the Mobile in silent mode before entering the allotted Exam Hall

Detailed Schedule





9.30 AM

1.30 PM

Invigilator to reach Exam Cell

9.45 A.M

1.45 P.M

Invigilators to reach respective rooms

9.50 A.M

1.50 P.M

Verification of Hall Ticket and ID Card of the Candidate

9.55 A.M

1.55 P.M

Distribution of Answer Sheets

10.00 A.M

2.00 P.M

Distribution of Question Paper

10.30 A.M

2.30 P.M

Marking of Absentees in respective rooms

12.00 P.M

3.30 P.M

The Candidate those who completed the paper allowed to leave the hall

1.10 P.M

5.10 P.M

Collection of Answer Booklets from Candidates

The Candidate should not be allowed to enter the hall after 10.30 AM in the FN Session and 2.30 PM in the AN Session.

The Candidate must not be allowed to leave the hall before 12.00 PM for the FN Session and 3.30 PM for the AN Session.

Mr. P. Horsley Solomon           :    9940210252

Mr. M. Kannan                                :    9382191967

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