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Assistant Professor

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Date of Joining: 18-08-2004
Educational Qualification: M.B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Teaching Experience: 17 Years
Field of Research: Human resources management


  • Emotional Intelligence and harms being faced by women entrepreneurs in rural areas International pharma journal ISSN NO 0976 – 044X, Article no 02 pages 6 -8Impact Factor: 2.5
  • A study on quality issues in medical tourism with reference to Chennai city Jan 2015 ISSN NO 076-044X, Article 31 Pages 172-174Impact Factor:2.5
  • Emotional intelligence ,individual and contextual correlates of team leaders attitudes toward depressed employees in Chennai IT industries, ISSN 2455-2267Vol 3 issue I April 2016 Impact Factor 3.5