International Economics

Lecture hours: 30 hrs


To teach the International Economics To acquire the knowledge 0f Export Import. To know about International Economic Organizations and its Functions.

Out Come:

Equip the students to have the thorough knowledge of International Economics.

Unit I – International Trade – Importance of International Trade, Theories of Foreign Trade:- Theories of Adam Smith, Ricardo, Haberler‟sHechsher -Ohlin Balance of Trade, Balance of Payment – Concepts – Causes of Disequilibrium, Methods to Correct Disequilibrium – Fixed and Floating Exchange Rates – Euro – Dollar Marketing (An Over View)

Unit II – Export Management – Export Procedure and Documents – Export Finance – Export Promotion – Export Pricing. International Economic Organizations and its Functions IMF, IDA, IFA, IBRD, ADB, UNCTAD, UNIDO

Unit III – WTO and Trade Liberalization – Liberalization of Trade in Manufacturing and in Agricultural Trade – TRIPS, TRIMS .

Unit IV – Methods of foreign payment-Determination of rate of exchange- The Uruguay round.

Unit V – Investment subsidy– Indian Patent Law.

Reference books:

  • Francis Cherunilam, International Trade and Export Management – Himalaya Publishing House – Mumbai –04.
  • Paul.R.Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld, International Economics (Theory and Policy) – Pearson Education Asia – Addison Wesley Longman (P) Ltd -Delhi –92.
  • Robert J.Carbaugh, International Economics – Thomson Information Publishing Group – Wadsworth Publishing Company -California.
  • H.G. Mannur, International Economics–Vikas Publishing House (P) Ltd – New Delhi.

Accounting with Tally

Lecture hours: 30 hrs

Unit- I Introduction of Computerized accounting and Tally Introduction, Importance of Using tally, advantages of Tally, features of Tally.

Unit- II Starting with tally, basic features of tally, Company creation, ledger creation and inventory creation in tally.

Unit- III Recording of transactions in tally. Journal and all subsidiary Books

Unit- IV Modification or alteration of records in Tally

Unit V Report generation (procedure) Generation of Trial balance and final accounts

Reference books:

  • Implementing Tally 9 – A K Nadhani – BPB Publication- New Delhi
  • Tally ERP 9: J.S. Arora, Kalyani Publications.
  • Mastering Tally: Dinesh Maidasani, Firewal Media
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