• Start Date 05/03/2021
  • Start Time 10:00 AM
  • End Date 05/03/2021
  • End Time 12:00 PM
  • Location SRM Campus

About Event

In view of International Women’s Day the department of Hotel management has planned to organize a competition on March 8th 2021for all the teaching and non-teaching staff as a part of the FDP program.

There is magic where there are women! International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration of women’s social, technological, educational, and political accomplishments. On March 5, 2021, a grand celebration was held in the Department of Hotel Management to commemorate this day, which began once guests arrived for the events and were headed to the registration area. They congregated at BTR and were served refreshments prior to the event. 

The guests had a wonderful time, and we were absolutely ecstatic that they acknowledged our hospitality.

The first event of the day started with “Mystery Basket”.

 The physiotherapy team prepared veg pulav, panna cotta, palak soup, and chicken tikka, whereas the IC team prepared chicken biriyani, chicken gravy, brinjal gravy, carrot halwa, and the law team prepared pulav with coconut milk, 

aloo paratha accompanied with chicken gravy, and a healthy fruit salad for dessert. The aroma permeated the entire kitchen. 

The next event was “Regards before you discard,” and each team had one and a half hours to complete the challenge. The next was Regards before you discard Participants organising their materials given refreshments before event every team is given one and 0.5 hours to complete their project chemistry dept created icon frame with cardboard sheet, newspaper turn over tiny items and pasted to cardboard, plastic bottles, tin foil, team2 physical therapy with wood blocks, pistachio shells pasted along, plastic spoons, paint, egg shells, plastic bottles, ribbons, wool thread tied to a skinny band of plastic bottle, thermocol, created purse with plastic pink sheet, team3 chemistry dept with coloured paper, plastic bottles, paper, glue, cloth bag, creating masks, cardboard box created house, team4 dental dept with bottle, glue, egg shells, paints, frozen dessert sticks, coloured charts, stuck egg shells on bottle, team5 chemistry straws, ice creams sticks, newspapers, glue, paper cups tiny. every of them had done nice job.

And there goes another one “Brush up” event a mixed crowd of colleges and students had participated during this event. There was another event “Who Are You” that was conducted on-line and that we extremely enjoyed this event.

All the competitions were done peacefully and every of them enjoyed competitor, guests of the event visited their individual department for deciding then we have a tendency to had the winners for every event and were wanting to announce the result and that was to be done once the lunch break.
The warmth was all round the area, may see that each one the participants were looking ahead to the result then all the very important person guests entered and seated at their individual places the foremost event of the day was The program started with Tamil Anthem and therefore the introduction was done by Miss Anne with the nice and cosy welcome of all the dignitaries on the stage.

All of the events were completed successfully, and they all had a wonderful experience competing. The event judges visited their respective departments for judging, so we had a winner for each event and were eager to announce the results, which took place after the lunch break.

The warmth was all over the auditorium, and it was clear that all of the attendees were waiting for the outcome. After all of the VIP guests arrived and took their seats, the main action of the day began.  The programme began with the Tamil Anthem, accompanied by Prof. Annie Anjali Shaji’s presentation and a warm welcome to all the dignitaries on board.

Our director, Dr. D. Anthony Ashok Kumar, gave Later, our dignitaries, Dr. Mythili, Chef Shri Bala, Dr. Sumathi, advised the crowd with the three mantras of happiness ‘self-love, taking ownership, no blame game’ in her lay terms, Miss Gayathri shared her thoughts & emotions on Women’s Day and inspired us to have self-confidence, bravery, Liberal feminism, and strength in ourselves to face any circumstance  throughout our lives.

A speech about women in which he urged both staff and students to comprehend the significance of women. Chef Shri Bala, the brand ambassador of “EAT RIGHT INDIA,” also enlightened the principle of remaining healthy by consuming a nutritious diet at home, as well as how to balance the moral principles of family and friends around us.

The prize winners for the event

Mystery basket – 1) Mariyam and Jothi (Physiotherapy Department)

                                       2) Indrani, Ramya.P and R.Kavitha (Pharmacy Department)

  • Queen’s punch – Karai Arasi (Law Department)
  • Brush up – 1) Reena and Renuka (Software Engineering Department)

                             2) Ramya and A. Karthika

  • Regard before you discard – Ajitha and Mercy john (Physiotherapy Department)

Leelavathi (Chemistry Department)

  • Who are you – Suganthi Saravanan

Dr. Minnal Carolin gave the vote of thanks after the reward distributions, and the event 

was finally concluded with the National Anthem.

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