The talents of Postgraduate and Undergraduate students of the Department of Biochemistry are brought by most resourceful education in an informative way by encouraging them to play a part in various Seminars, Workshops and Internships to enhance their knowledge to acquire career in the field of Life Science.

Association and clubYearName of the programTopic of the programChief guest
Bionnium2020-2021State Level WebinarRecent Trends in BiomedicineDr. Aneesh Nair
Bionnium2019- 2020Bionnium Inauguration Biolyrics Biocartoon Who am I? Biochart BioconversationSignificance of Biochemistry in day today life 
Bionnium2019- 2020Bionnium association – Scientific e-poster SkitBeat plastic pollution for plastic free future 
Bionnium2018-2019Bionnium AssociationAwareness on Psychotherapy and counsellingDr. G. Rajamohan
Bionnium2018-2019Poster presentationPsychological approach to develop positive attitude in younger generation. 
Bionnium2018-2019RallySay no to drug 
Bionnium2018-2019Medical CampHealth awareness and medical checkup for village people -Korukanthangal 
Bionnium2016-2017Bionnium AssociationRole of medicinal plants in health and diseaseDr. K. Illango
Bionnium2015-2016 Non HDL cholesterol: Is it a primary target in lipid lowering?Dr. S.N. Narasingan
Bionnium2014-2015 Plants used in Indian traditional system of medicineDr. A. Saraswathy
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