Overcoming formidable competition, our best and brightest students have consistently brought laurels to our institution since inception. Such performances are a testimony to the grit and drive shown by our students, faculty and the institution as a whole.

The consistent academic excellence is a result of a rich and competitive culture developed over decades of firm adherence to the highest standards of academia.

  • Devika M.Sc., (Applied Microbiology) University 2ndRank (2012-2013)
  • V.Kalaivani M.Sc., (Applied Microbiology)  University 6th Rank (2013-2104)
  • Divya Srinivasan B.Sc., (Microbiology) University 1st Rank (2011 -2012) 
  • K Yogeshwar B.Sc., (Microbiology) University 4thRank (2011 -2012) 
  • K.Priya   B.Sc., (Microbiology) University Rank 4th (2016-2017)
  • J.FowsiyaBanu B.Sc., (Microbiology) University Rank 6th (2016-2017)
  • Logavani B.Sc., (Microbiology) University Rank 11th (2016-2017)
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