Rules and Regulations

  • The Library is open an all working days between 9.15 A.M. and 4.15 P.M
  • Entry is permitted with ID card only
  • Keep silence should be observed in the library.
  • Member are requested not to bring their belongings inside the library.
  • Membership is open to all the staff and students of SRM Arts and Science College.
  • Loss of ID cards should be reported immediately to the librarian.
  • Duplicate card will be issued by the library staff on payment of Rs.50/-
  • Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Periodicals, student project report, Dissertations, Thesis are only for reference.
  • Two renewals will be permitted for renewal books have to be presented physically at the library.
  • Members before leaving the counter must satisfy themselves as to whether the books which they intend to borrow, are in good condition and any damaged making should be immediately reported to the librarian.
  • Using of cell phones inside the library is prohibited.
  • Any marking or writing inside to books by members is strictly prohibited.

Over Due Charges

  • Members are advised to return/renew the books on are before due date marked on the book.
  • A borrowed book should be returned on the date following which a penalty of Rs.1/- will be collected are over due charge per day.

Loss of Books

  • Loss of books any should be reported to the librarian immediately and should be replaced with a new copy along with over due charge.
  • Incase the borrow is unable to replace to books that are lost, he will be pay the penalty two times the cost of the book.
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