Value added certificate courses are conducted by the Department of Biochemistry to complement the students’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study. Courses offered are chosen based on the current trends, relevance, and value in the job market. These value-added courses are framed as follows.

  • To provide students to understand the expectations of industry.
  • To improve employability skills of students.
  • To bridge the skill gaps and make students industry ready.
  • To provide an opportunity to students to develop inter-disciplinary skills.

Title of the Certificate Courses:

  1. Anatomy & Physiology (Course code: TAPBC01)
  2. Integumentary & Digestive system (Course code: TAPBC02)
  3. Organ system (Course code: TAPBC03)
  4. Neuromuscular system (Course code: MENBC01)
  5. Lymph & Haemopoietic system (Course code: MENBC02)
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